Considering a guest writer for your blog?

There are several pros and cons to having a guest writer publish on your blog.


  1. Fresh perspective: Guest writers can bring new ideas and perspectives to your blog, which can be refreshing for your regular readers.
  2. Increased content: Allowing guest writers to contribute to your blog can help you increase the amount of content on your site, which can be useful if you are struggling to consistently produce new material.
  3. Diversified audience: A guest writer may have their own following, which can bring new readers to your blog.
  4. Collaborative opportunities: Inviting guest writers to contribute to your blog can be a great way to collaborate and build relationships with other writers and industry professionals.
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  • Quality control: Depending on the quality of the guest writers you invite to contribute to your blog, you may need to spend more time editing and fact-checking their content to ensure that it meets your standards.
  • Lack of control: When you allow guest writers to publish on your blog, you have less control over the content that is being published. This can be a concern if you are trying to maintain a certain tone or style on your blog.
  • Time and resources: Inviting guest writers to contribute to your blog can be time-consuming, as you may need to spend time reviewing and editing their submissions. It can also require additional resources, such as payment for the writer’s contribution.

Overall, whether or not having guest writers publish on your blog is a good idea will depend on your specific goals and resources. It can be a great way to diversify your content and bring in new readers, but it may also require additional time and resources to manage.

If you are interested in finding guest writers you can look for writers on social media: Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be great places to find writers who are interested in contributing to your blog. You can search for relevant hashtags or groups, or reach out to writers directly through direct messages or email. Also consider:

  • Reddit’s /r/writing subreddit
  • Writer’s Digest forums
  • BloggingPro job board
  • ProBlogger job board
  • Freelance Writing Jobs

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