Website and email hosting services

Website hosting and email for only $17.50 per month!

Simply put hosting your website means sitting it on a big computer, with a very large capacity, connected 24 hours a day to the internet so that anyone in the world can access it. It’s a little like paying rent on the building your business is situated in which anyone can visit at any time.

High connection speeds, great security and real flexibility

We offer fast reliable at the very reasonable price of $17.50 per month. This also includes up to 10 email accounts and unlimited email forwarding. For sites which require a database we also provide these free of charge and as a precaution all databases are backed up monthly and held for several months.

With GreenWeb’s hosting services you get all the benefits of high connection speeds as well as the important flexibility of being able to have scripts, software and customised programs. In fact exactly the kind of thing which in many cases cheap hosting companies will not allow to run on their servers and this can greatly hamper your efforts to get the best look and performance from your website.

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