Does logo size really matter?

OK it may be a cliché but does size really matter? Well in the case of Logos most people would say yes. How many times have I heard the words “that’s great but let’s make the logo bigger!”.

One of the most common requests of web designers from clients is to make the logo bigger. And that’s almost always a mistake.

There are lots of reasons for this, and I’ll get to a couple of them in a minute, but first think about this example. One of our clients owns the largest multi franchise car dealership in New Zealand so for a moment I will use his industry for reference. When Ford, Jaguar, BMW or Mercedes (or any car maker for that matter) puts their signature hood ornament on the cars they make, they don’t make this highly important feature 3 foot wide and 2 foot tall. Instead, they make it very small to elegantly fit the really important thing – the car.

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The moral of the story is the fact that no matter how amazing the car maker’s logo is, if the car looks like rubbish or doesn’t work well or won’t live up to user expectations, no one will buy it.

Plainly put, the logo is not the important feature of the website. Rather, it is the content and the brand’s ideals that should be emphasized. Consequently, the logo should not dominate the page, but rather work subtly to help to lend gravity, interest, and context to the website.

So, no, don’t make the logo bigger. Instead, make the branding effort bigger and let the logo do its simple job on the web page (and elsewhere). Save your giggles and lets agree that small is just fine (unless we’re talking about a bar of chocolate).

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