The value of white space

If there is one kind of comment that I have grown to expect in feedback on the initial website design sample, it is the comment that goes something like, “there’s a lot of wasted space on the page, isn’t there?” or “I like the coloured areas, but shouldn’t we put something in them?”

It’s interesting as I seldom have to convince a client to choose a design that I suggest, but often have to work to convince them not to fill up every single inch of the page with content.

The fact is that in the context of the specific aim for a website or an individual page, there are advisable uses for white space (coloured or white) in the layout. White space works to set off and lend gravity to those areas that are occupied with content. So, using white space appropriately helps us to keep the page concise, simple, comfortable and focused.

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Think of someone giving a speech, how much more powerful is the pause at the end of the delivery of an important point?

Of course, we believe in giving clients what they want and yes we could cut back on white space and put more content on the page, but that content would likely be far less effective and work to rob the page of its intended purpose – impact!

People don’t generally respond well to clutter, and this is particularly true in our digital life. When you think about it plenty of very successful websites keep their design very clean.

Believe us, less really can be more.

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